Detecting Oral Cancer Early: How VELscope is Saving Lives

Detecting Oral Cancer Early: How VELscope is Saving Lives

Oral cancer is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition that affects millions of people worldwide. Early detection is key to successfully treating oral cancer and improving patient outcomes. One innovative technology that is helping to detect oral cancer early is VELscope.

What is VELscope?

VELscope is a handheld device that uses fluorescence visualization technology to detect abnormalities in the mucosal tissues of the mouth, including potential signs of oral cancer. The device emits a safe blue light that causes healthy tissue to fluoresce in a distinct pattern, while abnormal tissue appears dark and irregular.

This allows dentists and oral healthcare providers to quickly and easily identify areas of concern that may require further investigation or biopsy. VELscope is non-invasive, painless, and can be performed during a routine dental exam.

How Does VELscope Save Lives?

By enabling early detection of oral cancer, VELscope helps save lives by allowing healthcare providers to diagnose and treat the disease in its early stages, when treatment is most effective. Oral cancer that is detected late is more difficult to treat and has a lower survival rate.

Regular screenings with VELscope can help catch oral cancer before it progresses, leading to better outcomes for patients. This technology has the potential to significantly reduce the number of deaths caused by oral cancer each year.


1. How often should I get screened with VELscope?

It is recommended to get screened with VELscope at least once a year during your routine dental check-up.

2. Does VELscope replace a traditional oral cancer screening?

VELscope is used as a supplement to traditional oral cancer screenings and is not meant to replace them. It provides additional information to help healthcare providers identify potential areas of concern.

3. Is VELscope safe?

Yes, VELscope is safe and does not expose patients to any harmful radiation. It is a non-invasive and painless screening tool.

4. How long does a VELscope screening take?

A VELscope screening typically takes only a few minutes to perform and can be done during a routine dental exam.

5. What happens if an abnormality is detected with VELscope?

If an abnormality is detected with VELscope, further evaluation or biopsy may be recommended to determine the nature of the abnormal tissue.

6. Can VELscope be used for other oral conditions besides cancer?

VELscope is primarily used for detecting oral cancer, but it can also help identify other oral mucosal abnormalities that may require further investigation.

7. Is VELscope covered by insurance?

Insurance coverage for VELscope screenings may vary depending on your provider and plan. It is best to check with your insurance company to determine coverage.

Learn more about oral cancer from the American Cancer Society

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